Mission Statement

The mission statement of JourneyPure Nashville is the same as the mission statement across all JourneyPure facilities: to help patients get healthy and stay healthy. We are passionate for the long-term health and recovery of our patients.

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    It is our belief that the key to breaking the relapse cycle is continued human connection and care. When our patients commit to their own recovery and team with the world-class caregivers at any one of our treatment facilities, they are giving themselves the best chance at living longer, happier, more fulfilling lives.

    We believe the key to breaking the relapse cycle is continued connection and care. By teaming with our world-class caregivers at any of our treatment facilities, our patients receive one-on-one relapse recovery support for a minimum of one year, at no additional cost, using our JourneyPure Coaching™ app.

    With facilities across the southeastern United States, JourneyPure is a behavioral healthcare company whose constant aim is to set the standard in addiction treatment.

    We do this by providing evidence-based treatments along with dual diagnosis. This is done by addressing patients’ co-occurring mental health issues and rooting out the underlying “triggers” that causing the patient to use and abuse substances.

    Our addiction treatment goes beyond the standard detox and cessation to offer practical skills needed to re-enter everyday life. We impart the value of good nutrition, exercise, social connectivity and spiritual grounding to set the stage for lifelong recovery.

    We know the importance of connection when it comes to recovery which is why we created JourneyPure Coaching™ to help patients and their support teams work together to prevent relapse.

    At JourneyPure Nashville, we provide real solutions to the addiction epidemic by deploying systems of care to communities with the greatest need. We believe every person, as well as his or her family, should be afforded a chance to recover, no matter what their circumstances.

    We recognize and respect that our patients have entrusted us with their very lives, and we understand that they have made a substantial investment, whether financial or otherwise, to benefit from our services. Therefore, our patients have every right to expect effective, well-administered care that will empower them to achieve their personal goals.

    No one who receives treatment with JourneyPure should feel like a number or “just another patient.” We value the strength of each person who chooses to undergo the effort of addiction recovery, and we honor the unique voice, experiences, and perspective that each person brings to our program. We believe this is achieved with our caring staff and our individualized treatment programs, which take into account every patient’s individual needs, desires, and personality.