Xanax Detox

Xanax is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It belongs to a class of medications called benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. It works by enhancing the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body (GABA). There are few drugs as widely used, and widely prescribed as Xanax.

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    While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Nashville campus, JourneyPure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

    This medication is prescribed to patients who are struggling to cope with anxiety and panic disorders, it helps calm both the body and mind by releasing the GABA neurotransmitters in the brain and central nervous system. When Xanax is used as prescribed, it can be highly beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety and panic disorders. Xanax is not intended to be used on a regular basis, as it is designed only to treat symptoms spurred on by overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks. People may begin to reach for it anytime they feel slightly anxious or panicked, rather than using other means to control or manage their emotions. The psychological desire to keep abusing Xanax can quickly lead to physical dependency, which requires professional treatment to end. Addiction to Xanax, which is known as a sedative, hypnotic, and anxiolytic use disorder, can have devastating effects on the user, and their families. Those who are under the influence of excessive amounts of Xanax will begin to lose control in all aspects of their lives. The sedative effect makes people unproductive and lethargic, making work impossible, and as a result, there is no income.  Parents under the influence cannot properly supervise their children. And then there is the financial fallout, Xanax is expensive, and those who develop an addiction to Xanax can consume on average, 20-30 Xanax pills a day. This may leads individuals to engage in illegal behavior and cause further damage. With this prolific excess in use, it is no wonder approximately 10% of individuals who visit the emergency room for drug-related health problems are under the influence of Xanax. For these reasons, it is critical you seek professional help from our Xanax detox center in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Xanax Dependence

    Xanax continues to be a medication that thousands of people become addicted. Misusing Xanax can result in serious health issues, accidental overdose, and death. Xanax dependence occurs when an individual is unable to stop or reduce their use of Xanax without developing powerful withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawals will have both physical and psychological complications.

    Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

    Xanax is a challenging drug to detox from, the symptoms can be very stressful and straining. An individual will experience symptoms that will directly correlate to how long they have used, how much they use, and how frequently they are using. Withdrawal symptoms that occur when an individual stops taking Xanax:

    Physical Symptoms:

    • Headaches
    • Blurred vision
    • Tremors
    • Light sensitivity
    • Diarrhea
    • Sweating
    • Seizures

    Psychological Symptoms:

    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Panic
    • Paranoia
    • Nervousness
    • Fear
    • Confusion
    • Depression

    It is important that the user get adequate and effective medical care during their detox, like the care we offer here at our Xanax detox center in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Xanax Withdrawal

    When someone stops his or her Xanax use, regardless of if he or she is doing so independently or in the care of a detox facility, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are known to be both physically and psychologically taxing and draining, and many people who try to stop using Xanax go back to using when withdrawal symptoms become overpowering.

    Xanax can be very dangerous to detox from, specifically when an individual is trying to do it on their own without adequate medical supervision. Xanax withdrawal can cause severe psychological effects, specifically seizures. Seizures are a dangerous medical condition that can cause collateral damage, like falls, and head injuries.

    The emotional effects of withdrawal are deeply felt and weigh heavily on the patient. Severe depression and suicidal behaviors may become an issue, and some patients will need help to manage these feelings.  We have a highly trained mental health team ready to provide support and solutions, to patients feeling these effects. Medical issues, like, high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, challenges breathing, and high body temperature can also be experienced. Medical supervision is a must.

    Thankfully, a Xanax detox center can provide the appropriate type of care that can help individuals addicted to Xanax to stop using without facing withdrawal symptoms that might take their lives

    Xanax Withdrawal Timeline

    There are three different phases of benzodiazepine withdrawal:

    • Early Withdrawal

    Early withdrawal can begin the first day a patient goes without the drug. During this time, individuals can experience emotional symptoms like anxiety and panic.

    • Acute Withdrawal

    Acute withdrawal is when the effects of the symptoms are at their most intense. Symptoms like; intense cravings, hallucinations, vomiting, diarrhea, mood swings, cognitive impairment, and blurred vision may all present. This is also the critical part when seizures and suicidal ideologies can occur. Acute withdrawal can last anywhere from two weeks to a few months.

    • Protracted Withdrawal

    There is a small chance some patients detoxing from Xanax will experience protracted withdrawal, this is when symptoms continue for an extended period of time, from months to possibly years. These symptoms typically include muscle twitches, anxiety, and insomnia, and can affect up to 10% of Xanax users.

    Detox is when an individual has his or her body cleared of all toxic substances, such as Xanax. This is done simply by stopping use and attempting to maintain good physical health during this time as the body begins to reset. Detoxing off of most drugs is usually not life-threatening unless he or she experiences a complication. However, detoxing from benzodiazepines like Xanax can cost an individual his or her life, which is why it is important to nix any attempts at detoxing independently and obtain professional services from a Xanax detox center in Nashville.

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    Xanax is a challenging drug to quit, our hope here at our Nashville, Tennessee Xanax detox center is that the patient will want to continue on in our inpatient program, so they can develop the skills and strength necessary to achieve long-term sobriety.

    If you are addicted to Xanax, you are not alone. Instead, you are one of the countless individuals in the United States who is struggling with the disease of addiction. Reach out for help by contacting JourneyPure’s Xanax detox center in Nashville, TN.