Crack Rehab

What’s the difference between crack and cocaine? They both come from the same source, but crack is a more concentrated substance that results in a much more intense high. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation data tells us that crack production is on an up-swing due to more of the substance flooding the U.S. and coming into Tennessee. Perhaps you or your loved one may be affected by this alarming trend. Know that you’re not alone and that our crack addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee is here to help.

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    What Is Crack Addiction?

    The term crack comes from the sound that the white rocks make when boiled to a liquid for smoking. When smoked in a pipe or “free-based” you get an immediate high that is much more intense and immediate than cocaine. Crack has a reputation of being a drug used primarily in economically disadvantaged areas, but facts show otherwise—it’s used by a range of people from varied races, genders and socioeconomic statuses.

    When crack is used, dopamine levels of the brain are rapidly affected and a euphoric high is reached. Simply put, the brain likes that feeling so much it wants it again…and again. When dopamine levels fall, withdrawal symptoms occur which drive the need for continued use.

    JourneyPure’s Crack Rehab In Nashville

    When you are searching for a crack rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee, you may be uncertain if you should enroll in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. JourneyPure Nashville is using an outpatient treatment model to help many patients find recovery from crack addiction. We offer prospective patients free clinical assessments to determine if our program may be the right fit, and we are happy to speak with you about any questions you may have when it comes to what outpatient care may look like for treating you and your unique case.

    Outpatient rehabs in Nashville can vary from one to the next. Our outpatient center uses a dual-diagnosis clinical model combined with the convenience and affordability of outpatient care. Our clinicians are specialized in treating substance abuse and have vast experience when it comes to treating Nashvillians suffering from crack addiction.

    One thing that sets our crack rehab apart from many others is that we provide aftercare recovery coaching and support for those in recovery from crack addiction. This long-term aftercare comes at no additional cost to the patient.

    Another differentiator of JourneyPure Nashville is our financial affordability and in-network insurance model. Because we are an in-network addiction treatment provider, we are able to offer patients affordable care without sacrificing clinical excellence. We are currently in-network with Beacon, Humana, and BlueCare to name a select few.

    What To Expect At Our Nashville Crack Rehab Center

    Unfortunately, there are no medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat crack addiction. Further complicating the issue is the reality that crack addiction often happens alongside other substance abuse disorders. At our crack addiction rehab center in Nashville, TN, we take all of this into consideration to create a crack addiction treatment plan just for you.

    When patients come to our crack rehab, they will receive a highly tailored treatment plan that includes individual and group therapy hours. Patients will meet for an intensive number of hours each week and the treatment may last for 12 to 16 weeks. The benefit of affordable outpatient treatment is that the patient is able to continue treatment longer than the typical 1-month inpatient stay. Studies associate longer lengths of stay with higher sobriety success rates.

    Nashville Recovery Coaching

    The disease of addiction is recognized by the medical community as a chronic disease and crack relapse statistics show how difficult staying in recovery from crack addiction can be. This means that even if the crack addiction has initially been treated, there is always a possibility of relapse and the addiction requires ongoing care and treatment to be successfully managed. This high occurrence of relapse is why we provide every patient with our JourneyPure Coaching app.

    JourneyPure Nashville is committed to evidence-based treatment that will provide long-term recovery solutions to our patients. Continuing care plans have been shown to be extremely successful for patients recovering from addiction, and with the advancement of technology, we believe that having an app like ours makes this care accessible and affordable for all as we offer it at no cost to patients.

    Each patient will be assigned a recovery coach upon discharge, and the recovery coaching takes place via the JourneyPure coaching app. All recovery coaches are state-certified and passionate about our patients. Through the JourneyPure Coaching app, patients will have access to:

    • Daily nutrition log
    • 12-Step meeting and other recovery meetings log
    • Recovery tasks
    • Connection to Alumni events and activities
    • HIPAA compliant messaging with their coach

    The coaching helps keep the patient connected with a supportive recovery community and allows them to be a part of our vibrant alumni community. The alumni hold regular events, volunteer opportunities, and the chance for our patients to become involved in lasting friendships that are made at JourneyPure. While addiction takes place in isolation, recovery happens in the community. We are working to bring that community to our patients in the most accessible ways.

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    Reach out to our crack addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how we can help you begin your treatment of crack addiction. We can help you get healthy from your addiction and live a fulfilling life without substance abuse.