Meth Rehab

"Meth is here. It’s everywhere. We’re at the point now where we’re saturated at the street level with methamphetamine," said Kyle Hixson, the Deputy District Attorney General in Knox County. "It’s still killing people. It still is dangerous as it ever was. Unfortunately here in Knoxville, I’m afraid to say, we probably have more of it than we’ve ever had." At our meth addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee, we are seeing the same statistics. Meth use is up and chances are this deadly drug will affect you or someone you know.

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    What Is Meth Addiction?

    In its most basic form, methamphetamine is a stimulant. It is chemically similar to amphetamine, which is a drug prescribed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Meth is often used as a white powder or in pill form. Crystal meth looks like glass fragments or shiny blue rocks.

    Inhaling or smoking, swallowing, snorting or injecting—it’s easy to get hooked on meth in its many forms because of the overwhelming sense of euphoria it causes. Because the “high” starts and then fades so quickly, multiple hits are commonly called a “binge and crash.” The need for the drug takes over everything—even eating and sleeping. It’s that addictive.

    Long-term effects include the risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis B and C as these diseases are easily transmitted through contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

    What To Expect At Our Meth Rehab Center In Nashville

    Meth is known for being one of the most addictive substances being abused. When someone who is addicted to meth attempts to stop using the drug on their own, without professional treatment, a series of withdrawal symptoms will begin. There are a number of painful symptoms associated with meth withdrawal, and because of this, many meth users give up and go right back to abusing meth simply to get some relief from the serious withdrawal. Participating in this cycle can increase the risk of fatal overdose.

    Our meth rehab center in Nashville works to help patients who are ready to stop abusing meth to receive medically supervised detox services. These meth detox services incorporate medications into one’s treatment so that withdrawal symptoms are not as severe. This allows the patient to more comfortably focus on recovery.  Patients who are being treated with medically assisted detox services for meth addiction receive both medical and psychological supervision to ensure they are safe.

    After meth detox, the patient will continue treatment at our meth rehab program. The treatment takes place in the form of intensive therapeutic counseling sessions. Those who are abusing meth need intensive therapy to uncover the underlying behavioral health issues that are seeking them to use. While the detox stage addresses ridding the physical body of meth, the real work likes in the mental and behavioral rehabilitation so that the patient can live a long-lasting life in recovery free of the compulsion to abuse meth.

    Therapies At Our Meth Rehab Facility

    At JourneyPure’s Nashville meth rehab center, we apply evidence-based treatment plans for each patient that are built based on the patient’s specific needs to help them recover from their meth addiction. All patients will receive a combination of individual and group therapy in their addiction treatment plans. As a rehab program that prides themselves on evidence-based addiction treatment, we utilize these therapies as studies show that there are significant benefits to treating the chronic disease of meth addiction with both individual and group therapies.

    Some of the group therapy sessions that we used to treat meth addiction take the shape of experiential therapy. Experiential therapies are more about hands-on style activities rather than the traditional talk/sharing. Yoga, music, and art therapy are a few of the experiential activities that patients at our meth addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee enjoy.

    Meth Recovery and Aftercare Support in Nashville

    Addiction to substances like meth is a chronic disease. This means that there is not a cure for meth addiction, but symptoms and the urge to abuse meth can be managed. Like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, addiction is controlled through ongoing treatment and regarding the warning signs of impending relapse. If a patient foregoes ongoing treatment, it is likelier the addiction will persist, and often end in fatality.

    Our Nashville, TN meth addiction rehab center is an outpatient clinic that allows for flexible ongoing treatment with a schedule that fits the patients’ lifestyles. While the initial portion of a patient’s treatment plan is more rigorous in terms of the number of therapeutic contact hours, the patient will be gradually stepped down to a regular therapy schedule they feel comfortable with. Some patients continue to seek regular outpatient therapy for varying amounts of time, and other patients will graduate the program and determine an aftercare program that meets their needs and becomes a recovery plan of aftercare or simply support.

    JourneyPure Nashville is one of, if not the only, meth addiction rehab center in Nashville that offers patients a recovery coach, smart-phone based recovery app, and one year minimum of recovery coaching at no added cost. This is part of our commitment to chronic care when it comes to treating meth addiction.

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