Methadone Rehab

Methadone (not to be confused with “meth” or methamphetamines) is a synthetic opioid that is often used to treat opioid addiction. Milder than heroin or prescription pain pills, methadone can block the highs from stronger substances and help curb cravings. But the drug is also highly addictive, which is why this type of medication-assisted treatment should be done only with supervised care in a controlled environment, like the one you’ll find at our methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee. When taken unsupervised and abused, it can become a drug that no longer helps beat addiction, but rather a drug you become addicted to.

What Is Methadone?

Methadone’s history starts in Germany during World War II, when it was developed to treat severe pain of injured soldiers. When it arrived in the United States just a few years later, it became a widely prescribed drug. The pain caused by injury, surgery and chronic illness, doctors found, could be controlled with this effective but highly addictive drug. It has become just one more of the many different types of opioids that the public is abusing at alarming rates.

Finding The Best Methadone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

When searching for a methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee, you will find that JourneyPure Nashville is one of the best. What sets our Nashville Tennessee methadone addiction rehab center apart from other rehab choices in Nashville is our dual-diagnosis addiction rehab model and our long-term aftercare. Employing some of the best clinicians in the state, our methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee treats not only the methadone addiction and its corresponding symptoms but goes further to treat mental health disorders that often times contribute to the methadone addiction. This treatment of the two together is referred to as dual-diagnosis treatment. And the support doesn’t end when the patient leaves our doors for the day as each patient has access to peer recovery coaching that will stay with them for a minimum of one year. Studies support this long-term coaching by way of higher and longer lasting sobriety rates.

How To Enroll In A Nashville Tennessee Methadone Addiction Rehab Center

Your first step to enrolling in JourneyPure’s methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee is to call and do an initial assessment. When you call, you will have the opportunity to learn about the various insurance policies our Nashville Methadone rehab program takes and ask questions about how to make our  Nashville Tennessee methadone addiction rehab center fit within your budget. Another crucial thing to discuss will be medical history and overall health and wellness. This will allow our team to make sure that our Nashville outpatient clinic is the right fit to treat your methadone addiction.  Once there is a very clear understanding of your needs and how we can meet them, you are able to get in with a therapist very quickly.

When you arrive at our methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee for the first time, there will be a more extensive intake process that takes place. Our therapists will talk with you about not only your history of substance abuse and health background, but we will also evaluate your psychological health to ensure we are creating a plan that addresses both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines the intensive outpatient level of substance abuse treatment to be 9 hours of therapeutic counseling each week. Our two Nashville campuses offer different meeting schedules and available counseling hours that are flexible and built around our patients’ lives. We will work to create a schedule that is convenient for you to ensure you are more likely to stick with your addiction treatment plan.

Is A Methadone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee Expensive?

Many Nashvillians fail to seek methadone rehab for fear that the program will be too expensive. Because JourneyPure Nashville is an outpatient addiction treatment center, it is automatically less expensive for patients as there is no charge for room and board. JourneyPure Nashville has taken cost into consideration even beyond that. We have worked tirelessly with insurance companies and complied with The American Society of Addiction Medicine’s training and standards to allow us to secure in-network rates with various insurance policies.

Aetna, BCBS TN, Beacon, Humana, and even the state’s Medicare program, BlueCare, are some of the policies we are in network with. Outside of these in-network policies, we accept most major insurances making us one of the more affordable methadone rehabs in Nashville.

Types of Therapy Used to Treat Methadone Addiction

Our Nashville methadone rehab program utilizes a variety of the different individual, group, and experiential therapy types that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association outlines as a model for success when it comes to treating methadone addiction in Nashville.

Individual psychotherapy is one of the types of therapy used to treat methadone addiction. At JourneyPure’s Nashville Tennessee methadone addiction rehab center, you will work directly in a one-on-one setting with a licensed therapist who is experienced in treating methadone addiction. Talking privately to a trusted individual is a non-threatening way to begin your methadone recovery journey. With the help of a therapist, you’ll be able to identify any potential triggers that lead to your compulsion to use, and you can talk through how to overcome those challenges, and gain a set of healthy coping skills to allow you to reach your recovery objectives.

Group therapy at JourneyPure Nashville is another type of therapy that is successful in treating methadone addiction. Some of the group therapy involves sharing feelings, emotions, and challenges with a group of peers in recovery with you, but at times it may be hands-on events like painting or participating in a yoga class.  Doing activities that many of our patients have never participated in before often leads to a different understanding and improved image of yourself. We are teaching patients skills as well as the ability to trust other people and also simply to learn how to enjoy things without the influence of substances.

Methadone Addiction Rehab Alumni Program In Nashville

JourneyPure Nashville is one of several JourneyPure addiction treatment facilities in the Nashville area. When you graduate our Nashville methadone rehab, you will become part of the larger JourneyPure family. We have thousands of members in our alumni network who are proving that you can recover from a methadone addiction and live a happy, fulfilling life. What makes our Nashville alumni group so special is the regular meetups, the active groups on various social media platforms and the willingness our alumni have to serve and give back to the community in need. Our alumni group is something many patients look forward to when choosing to enroll in our methadone rehab.

Getting The Right Help At JourneyPure’s Methadone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

If you are looking to get help from the top methadone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee, reach out to JourneyPure Nashville. We have the staff, the flexibility, the experience, and the passion to help you completely change your life for the better.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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