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Locating an opiate addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee can seem like a daunting responsibility, but we want you to know hope—and help—is closer than you think.

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    Addiction to opioids and opiates is a serious problem in Tennessee. In 2016, there were 1,186 opioid-related overdose deaths in Tennessee—a rate of 18.1 deaths per 100,000 persons—higher than the national rate of 13.3 deaths per 100,000 persons. Deaths from heroin overdose have increased since 2010, from 17 to 260 deaths. Deaths from synthetic and prescription opioids have also increased, from 72 to 395 deaths and from 516 to 739 deaths, respectively.

    Is Opiate Addiction a Problem in Nashville?

    You have likely heard many news reports about the opioid crisis and how it is impacting Nashvillians at staggering rates. In hearing and reading such reports, you may have heard the terms opioid and opiate used interchangeably, but there’s a difference. Opioid is a broad term for a family of drugs and includes both natural and synthetic opioids. Natural opiates include heroin, morphine, and codeine for instance. Synthetic opioids include hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (Oxycontin), Fentanyl and methadone. Don’t be fooled—the natural opiates are just as deadly as the synthetic varieties.

    Opiate addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body. When you’re addicted to a drug like codeine or other opiates, you will suffer both physical and psychological side effects. Personal and professional problems, such as unemployment and conflict with your family, can become a way of life.

    As opiate usage progresses, chemicals in these drugs create changes in your brain, leading to compulsive drug use, abuse and dependency. Opiate addiction is a disease that requires addiction treatment, and our opiate rehab center in Nashville, TN is making great strides to reach people in need of help find recovery.

    Where To Find An Opiate Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville

    Facing opiate addiction is a scary place to find yourself, but there are local solutions and resources right here in your Nashville neighborhood. JourneyPure Nashville is providing affordable, realistic addiction treatment solutions for those seeking rehab for opiate abuse. As a community resource, we are committed to being a trusted rehab that will be with you from detox all the way to aftercare. We are combining the dual-diagnosis treatment model you find at many high-end residential treatment facilities and offering it to our patients in an outpatient rehab clinic setting. This allows for minimal disruption to patients’ lives and makes it a cost-effective solution as well. We have two Nashville outpatient clinics located minutes from downtown.

    What To Expect At An Opiate Rehab Center

    It is a common myth that you need to get outside of the area you work and live to find success in rehab. While there can be benefits to a change of scenery, JourneyPure Nashville successfully treats a number of patients with opiate addiction at our outpatient rehab clinic right here at home in Nashville. We will do an initial assessment over the phone to determine whether or not you may be a clinical fit for our program based on acuity and medical history. We will also discuss finances to ensure that no financial strain will be placed on you or your family as a result of entering treatment. All medical care comes at some cost, but it is our mission to not let finances be a barrier to you finding a successful opiate rehab program. Because affordability is something we are passionate about, we have worked to secure in-network rates with many major insurances. We also accept Tennessee’s BlueCare medicare program which is something that sets us apart from many other providers.

    While we will ask you a number of questions related to your health to determine whether or not you may be a clinical fit for us, you will likely have a number of questions for us as well. The initial phone call is your time to ensure that we will meet your expectations for an opiate rehab program. Some questions people like to ask us are about our certifications, staff licensure and what therapies we utilize at our Nashville outpatient rehab clinic. We get a number of questions about aftercare for opiate addiction and how patients can stay connected for greater chances of recovery success. Be thinking about what questions are important to you. We want to make sure you feel confident in your choice when you select JourneyPure Nashville’s rehab program.

    When you arrive at the JourneyPure opiate rehab center, there will be a more in-depth assessment and clinical evaluation. We’ll ask about your full history of substance abuse and evaluate your physical and psychological health. This will help us form a fully integrated treatment plan to get you healthy overall, not just from opiate addiction.

    How Does Opiate Rehab Work?

    When addressing substance abuse and opiate addictions, clinicians often talk about levels of care. Patients coming in addicted to opiates may be battling withdrawal symptoms that are severe and sometimes life-threatening. Our Nashville opiate rehab center walks some new patients through the highest level of care which is medically supervised detox. Opiate detoxification has two purposes which are to help the patient safely eliminate the drugs from his or her body while maintaining normal organ function and also to make it as painless for the patient as possible as detoxing alone can bring very difficult withdrawal symptoms. When searching for the right opiate addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee, you will likely want to inquire about an opiate rehab plan that includes a detox level of care in the event that meets the needs of your substance use history.

    JourneyPure treats patients at the intensive outpatient level of care. What this means is that you are able to continue to work and live in your own home rather than be housed at a treatment center campus. You will be afforded an intensive number of therapeutic hours to treat your opiate addiction; however, you will not have to sacrifice maintaining some normalcy in your routine. While outpatient is not a fit for everyone, and some opiate rehab patients may need a stepped-up level of care, we are confident that we can treat many Nashvillians looking for opiate rehab at the outpatient level. JourneyPure Nashville is part of a larger network of opiate addiction treatment centers, and in the event, a patient would rather find a rehab in a residential setting, we are equipped to help meet those needs at one of our surrounding residential addiction treatment locations.

    A Comprehensive Opiate Addiction Treatment Plan

    Not all opiate rehab programs in Nashville are created equal. Some Nashville addiction treatment centers stigmatize evidence-based opiate addiction treatments like medication-assisted treatment (MAT). The American Society of Addiction Medicine promotes MAT treatment for opiate addiction, but because of the stigma surrounding it, many Nashville based opiate rehabs are abstinence-based only. For JourneyPure Nashville patients looking for recovery from opiate addiction, we will sometimes utilize medication-assisted treatment (MAT) if it is the right fit for the patient. This type of treatment utilizes prescription medications—such as Suboxone and/or naltrexone, to help reduce drug cravings that could cause patients to relapse early on in their recovery.

    Any JourneyPure patients receiving MAT are not only supervised by a team of doctors, who are authorized to prescribe and administer these medications, but also put into a therapeutic plan that doesn’t rely solely on MAT, but incorporates individual, group, and experiential therapy and would help taper patients off MAT prior to completing their treatment.

    Group, Individual, and Experiential Therapy

    JourneyPure Nashville prides itself on bringing excellent therapeutic care to substance abuse and mental health patients. We offer individual counseling sessions for patients where they can work one-on-one with one of our highly-licensed therapists who is experienced in treating opiate addictions. Our therapists are trained in a broad selection of opiate addiction treatment modalities and may select other types of therapy, including family and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) as part of your plan.

    In addition to individual counseling sessions, patients at our opiate rehab center will participate in small group therapy sessions. This peer-based structure assists patients in learning to build relationships and trust others which are essential life skills that patients need for healthy living in recovery.

    Experiential therapy has also been shown to be highly beneficial for patients entering rehab for opiate abuse. At our Nashville-based opiate rehab program, we offer art and music therapy as well as exercise like yoga to create mindful experiences for our patients. We believe that through this great variety of treatment, we are presenting patients with a fully-integrated opiate addiction treatment plan that they won’t find anywhere else in Nashville.

    Nashville’s Opiate Recovery Community

    For Nashvillians completing an opiate addiction treatment plan, turning to life in recovery here in music city is an important area of focus. Because we treat patients at the outpatient level, it does help ease high levels of anxiety that can come with re-entering the normal world as our patients have been living in the “normal world” while undergoing care. But building a community of support is an essential part of lasting recovery from opiate addiction, and it is an important part of the JourneyPure Nashville model. We offer patients continued care through our peer-based recovery app. We have thousands of alumni utilizing our recovery app and connecting with one-another at alumni events and support groups to stay closely connected to the Nashville recovery community. We also have state-certified recovery coaches right here in Nashville. These coaches work directly with patients to ensure they are accountable for following a recovery plan after completing the more intensive levels of care in their opiate addiction treatment plan. Many rehab centers charge patients for recovery coaching, but our Nashville patients receive this high level of aftercare support at no additional cost. It is simply something that we believe should be included in any comprehensive opiate rehab plan.

    Get Professional Help At JourneyPure’s Opiate Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville, Tennessee

    If you’re addicted to opiates and other substances, or dealing with mental health issues and could use therapy, Nashville has plenty of resources you can turn to. The important thing to do is simply reach out and don’t think you have to do this alone. JourneyPure Nashville is offering patients a top opiate addiction rehab center. We are a place to get comprehensive, compassionate, long-term treatment that can help you end your opiate addiction once and for all. Call us. We can help.