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Help is near. Whether you’re looking for an opioid addiction rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee for yourself or a loved one, it’s important that you understand that from the beginning.

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    In 2015, there were more opioid prescriptions in Tennessee than people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And opioids, unfortunately, are just one example of the many substance abuse problems we see at our opioid addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee. In Davidson County, heroin use and deaths, for example, have skyrocketed in recent years, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

    What Is An Opioid Addiction?

    You may have heard the terms opioid and opiate used interchangeably, but there’s a difference. Opioid is a broad term for a family of drugs and includes both natural and synthetic opioids. Natural opiates include heroin, morphine, and codeine for instance. Synthetic opioids include hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (Oxycontin), Fentanyl and methadone. Don’t be fooled—the natural opiates are just as deadly as the synthetic varieties.

    Opioid addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body. When you’re addicted to a drug like oxycodone, you will suffer both physical and psychological side effects. Personal and professional problems surface and family relationships can be damaged.

    And addiction doesn’t care if you’ve learned a lesson one time or 20 times. As usage progresses, chemicals in these drugs create changes in your brain, leading to compulsive drug use, abuse and dependency. Opioid addiction is a disease that requires treatment, like the care you will receive at our Nashville opioid rehab center.

    Why Nashvillians Are Choosing Our Opioid Addiction Rehab Center

    Nashville is, unfortunately, in one of America’s hotbeds of opioid abuse. JourneyPure Nashville has dedicated its staff to help bring solutions and recovery to the heart of the city. If you are addicted to opioids, Nashville’s statistics show you are certainly not alone in this. Finding the right opioid rehab program for you is going to mean finding both a clinical and financial fit. Finances and recovery success are the two most common concerns that we hear from patients when they are looking for the right rehab program to treat their opioid addiction. Our Nashville outpatient clinic is equipped with a staff that is both highly-certified and experienced in helping patients obtain long-term addiction recovery results. We are unique in that we bring a dual-diagnosis treatment model to our outpatient clinic and utilize evidence-based treatment solutions to help ensure our patients can live a life free of opioid abuse and dependence. We work with a number of different insurance providers and are in-network with Humana, Beacon, Aetna, and BCBS just to name a few. JourneyPure Nashville even accepts BlueCare medicare, as many patients do not have private insurance as an option when it comes to paying for rehab.

    Why Seeking A Nashville Opioid Rehab Is Crucial

    There is an immediate danger of fatal opioid overdose associated with opioid addiction. Overdose takes place when an individual consumes a dosage of opioids that is too high. When the high opioid dosage cannot be properly metabolized, the body begins to shut down, and if immediate medical attention is not obtained quickly, an individual can lose his or her life.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three symptoms of opioid overdose, known as the opioid overdose triad. They include pinpoint pupils, unconsciousness, and respiratory depression. There are medications such as Naloxone (Narcan, Evzio) that can reverse an opioid overdose if emergency medical professionals reach the person in time; however, oftentimes it is too late.

    Evidence-Based Treatment

    Opioid addiction is a serious and dangerous mental health condition that can be deadly for the patient if not treated. For those willing to seek help, there are evidence-based treatment options available at our Nashville opioid addiction rehab center.

    JourneyPure’s opioid rehab in Nashville, TN offers a fully integrated scope of care designed to treat all areas of one’s addiction on a holistic level. This type of treatment is referred to as dual-diagnosis where our therapists treat not only the physical compulsion of the patient to abuse opioids and other substances but also mental health treatment to get to the root of why the patient is using drugs. Individualized treatment plans are developed for all clients based on their personal needs, and our highly licensed therapists and doctors work hand-in-hand with each patient. This dual-diagnosis treatment is shown to be the most effective when it comes to creating long-lasting recovery from addiction.

    In the case of opioid addiction, our doctors may use medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as another evidence-based treatment option. This type of treatment utilizes prescription medications—such as buprenorphine, methadone and/or naltrexone—to help curb drug cravings that could cause a risk to recovery. Patients undergoing MAT are closely supervised by a team of doctors and nurses who are authorized to prescribe and administer these medications and monitor progress. The MAT is combined with rigorous therapy and the goal is to taper patients off MAT prior to leaving treatment to help avoid any dependence on these medications that are intended to be of help.

    Finding An Affordable Opioid Rehab Center In Nashville, TN

    The cost of opioid rehab in Nashville varies widely by the type of treatment center, acuity of the patient (for example, does the patient need a detox or not), and a number of other factors. Because JourneyPure Nashville is an outpatient clinic, we are a more cost-effective option for Nashvillians. An outpatient opioid rehab does not incur the expenses associated with housing patients. This means that we are not only more cost effective, but we offer patients the flexibility to continue working and making an income while they seek excellent therapeutic care for their substance use disorder.

    Because the medical community recognizes addiction to be a disease, most health insurance plans cover addiction treatment. JourneyPure has sought to make an opioid rehab center in Nashville even more affordable for patients by being an in-network provider with a number of major insurances such as Beacon, Humana, and more. While many opioid rehabs in Nashville don’t accept any insurance, we accept most major insurances and even accept Tennessee’s BlueCare.

    Trauma-Informed Care For Opioid Addiction

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that nearly 80% of women who seek addiction treatment have past experiences with sexual or physical abuse. This type of abuse can lead to a lot of emotional trauma. Because of these statistics, our opioid rehab practices a trauma-informed care model. There are two types of trauma – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma. After experiencing one or more traumatic events, some seek to self-medicate to alleviate the associated symptoms. Many turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. We will work with these patients to treat any substance abuse as well as trauma so that the patient can be healed holistically, providing better chances for long-term recovery.

    Get Help At JourneyPure’s Opioid Rehab Center in Nashville

    If you’re addicted to opioids, reach out to our opioid rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee so that we can help set you up with the tools and life skills to lead a fulfilling life in recovery. Through individual, group, and experiential therapies, affordable, flexible opioid treatment options, and our evidence-based practices, we are sure to be a top choice.