Prescription Drug Rehab

Addiction doesn’t care about age, gender, race, job or family responsibility. It can happen to anyone. And that’s especially true with prescription drugs. So if you or someone you know suffer from addiction to prescription drugs, do not hesitate, call our prescription drug rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee right now and learn how we can help you begin your journey to a new life.

Recover from a Prescription Drug Addiction Today

    What Is Prescription Drug Addiction?

    Here’s a staggering statistic: In 2015, there were more opioid prescriptions than people in Tennessee.

    Unfortunately, the statistics only get more sobering: More people died of prescription opioid overdoses than vehicle accidents, homicide or suicides in 2012. And between 2010 and 2015, opioid abuse claimed the lives of 6,039 Tennesseans.

    Prescription drug addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body. Misuse can occur when someone takes a prescribed medication without regard for how much or how often. Abusers of prescription drugs will often take someone else’s prescription reasoning that it’s for a legitimate medical complaint such as pain. They may also take it to feel a sense of euphoria that drugs can provide.

    The kinds of medication most commonly misused are:

    • Opioids that are usually prescribed to treat pain
    • Tranquilizers, sedatives, and hypnotics that are prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders
    • Stimulants that are prescribed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    Over time, chemicals in drugs create changes in your brain, leading to compulsive drug use, drug abuse and drug dependency. Prescription drug addiction is a disease that requires treatment, like the one you will receive at our prescription drug rehab in Nashville.

    How To Find A Prescription Drug Rehab in Nashville

    When you are looking for a program to treat your prescription drug abuse, you can find great options right here in Nashville. You do not have to travel across the country to find a great clinical program that will help you find recovery from your prescription drug abuse. The benefit to staying in Nashville for your addiction treatment program is that it will likely be more cost-effective and we have clinicians who are both extremely experienced and highly credentialed that will work to get you on track to living a healthy life. We are in-network with many insurance providers, as well as accepting most major insurances that we are not in-network with. We understand this is likely an overwhelming time for you or your loved one, but rest assured that our staff will work to make it as convenient as possible for you from the moment you call.

    What To Expect At Our Prescription Drug Rehab

    When someone is addicted to prescription medications, they may have very well started taking them as prescribed, but soon felt like they needed more. When under the influence of the medication, a wide spectrum of physical and mental effects are possible. We do a clinical evaluation with each patient to determine what type of detox may be needed, what type of therapies the patient should be engaged in, and how to treat them afterward to build an aftercare program around long-term support and accountability to recover.

    Some patients will be in need of a medically assisted detox. Because detoxing from some prescription medication can be fatal for patients, we don’t recommend anyone try to quit independently outside of professional medical help. Once a patient is successfully, and safely, detoxed from the substances, the real therapeutic work can begin. This therapy addresses the mental health issues that may be prompting the patient to seek to abuse drugs in the first place. Oftentimes prescription drugs lead to a physical addiction in the body, but it is important to not only address that through things like detox but also address the compulsions or mental health disorders that lead the patient to seek out the drugs even after the body is no longer physically dependent.

    Some patients suffering from opioid addiction will receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as a form of an evidence-based treatment program to help them into recovery. MAT, sometimes also called MAR, medically assisted recovery,  utilizes prescription medications like Suboxone or naltrexone—to not only help curb painful withdrawal symptoms but also reduce drug cravings that could cause a risk to recovery. At our prescription drug rehab in Nashville, Tennessee, patients who receive MAT as part of their addiction treatment programming are supervised by our doctors who are authorized to prescribe and administer these medications. The goal at JourneyPure’s Nashville prescription drug rehab center is to taper you off of your MAT regimen prior to leaving the treatment portion of the program to help eliminate the risk of trading one addiction for another.

    Therapies Utilized

    When patients come to our prescription drug addiction rehab center in Nashville, they will experience a number of therapeutic hours with highly-licensed therapists. Our goal is to help patients navigate both the mental and emotional causes and effects that not only lead to but come from, prescription drug addiction. This type of addiction treatment model is referred to as a dual-diagnosis treatment. It takes place through both individual and group therapies. Sometimes family therapy is a part of the treatment programming as well.

    In your individual therapy sessions, you will work one-on-one with your therapist in a private space participating in psychotherapy that is traditional talk therapy. You’ll be able to work directly with the therapist to identify potential barriers to your recovery success and identify triggers that cause you to want to use substances to cope. Learning healthy coping skills will be a big part of your recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are some of the modalities that your therapist may engage you in as these have a long-standing history of success when it comes to treating prescription drug abuse.

    Another opportunity you have at our rehab center is robust group therapy programming. Your group sessions are always facilitated by a therapist and will be attended by other Nashvillians in recovery. When sharing in the controlled atmosphere of group therapy, you’ll work to obtain a deeper understanding of your addiction, and have the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to recovery peers who share the group sessions with you.

    Get Professional Help At Our Nashville Prescription Drug Rehab Center

    If you’re addicted to prescription drugs, reach out to our prescription drug rehab center in Nashville, Tennessee to get help. We work to help you get healthy physically and mentally and really set you up for success in your recovery. We are convinced you’ll experience the JourneyPure difference the moment you call.