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In Tennessee, the medication used to treat opioid addiction such as suboxone has now been blamed as a factor in dozens of overdose deaths. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, toxicology reports found the drug buprenorphine (Suboxone) played a role in 67 of the 1,600 overdose deaths in 2016. Patients are taking the drug unsupervised and abusing it to get high.

If you are addicted to the drug that you initially turned to for help to become sober, unfortunately, you’re not alone. But luckily, help is here.  

What Is Suboxone Addiction?

To understand suboxone addiction, it’s important to know a bit about its history. Buprenorphine, marketed under the name Suboxone, was first developed to help wean addicts off more dangerous drugs and help prevent a relapse. Suboxone was intended as a long-term, supervised medical treatment for people addicted to opioids, including heroin and prescription painkillers. Suboxone is an opioid, which means it can produce euphoria and cause dependency; however, effects are milder and tend to level out, making overdoses less likely and less deadly. It is a scientifically supported, effective treatment for treating addiction; however, if abused, it can become dangerous and habit-forming.

Initial expectations were that suboxone would be available only by prescription, from federally authorized doctors who would monitor use. However, as opioid use skyrocketed so did the need for suboxone. Restrictions were lifted, making the drug much more accessible. Simply put, with the broad availability of suboxone to the general public, people began to abuse suboxone. It was much easier to obtain—and it was legal.

Finding The Right Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

There is help for you right here in Nashville if you are battling a Suboxone addiction. You have a number of Suboxone rehab locations to choose from, but our staff of highly-licensed clinicians and extensive experience in working with suboxone addiction makes our suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee a top choice for many seeking Suboxone rehabilitation. When you are looking for a suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee, you will need to undergo a clinical evaluation with the treatment facility or clinic to ensure the acuity of your case is a proper fit for the program. Patient safety and success are a top-priority for the JourneyPure staff, so you will need to disclose any medical history or other drug use to ensure we can treat you at the exact level that meets your need. Our fully-integrated treatment model, convenient locations, and excellent clinical care are equipped to treat most patients that reach out to us; however, if we are not the right fit for your treatment, we will be happy to help you find the best program to meet your needs.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

When you are working to find the right Nashville Tennessee suboxone addiction rehab center, you will want to consider the clinical staff and therapeutic offerings. Because you are abusing a drug that was meant to help you get sober, you will likely want to ensure that you have the right types and frequency of therapy sessions to address any trauma or mental health issues that may be leading you into drug abuse. Oftentimes patients are abusing drugs to numb emotions or pain they are experiencing. Our Nashville outpatient clinic is so experienced, you can trust that we are a team that will listen to your unique stories and circumstances before building a treatment plan that addresses your Suboxone addiction.

Find out if the suboxone addiction program you are considering incorporates individual and experiential therapy as well as group therapy. Many outpatient rehab clinics offer group therapy to patients in a Suboxone addiction treatment program. While group therapy is an essential part of recovery, incorporating one-on-one therapy with a licensed experienced therapist is also a critical component for success. Because trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders often play a role in suboxone addiction, JourneyPure’s Nashville Tennessee suboxone addiction rehab center incorporates individual therapy as part of a dual-diagnosis addiction treatment plan.

The hours available for receiving outpatient Suboxone addiction treatment vary. When looking at which suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee is right for you, consider choosing one with flexible hours that will fit your lifestyle. The more convenient and accessible the addiction treatment is for you, the more likely you are to stick with your plan. JourneyPure Nashville offers both evening and morning outpatient treatment sessions to be sure we are available when our patients need us.

What Does A Suboxone Addiction Treatment Plan Include?

In the case of Suboxone addiction, there may also be other drug dependencies to consider as we prepare your treatment plan. To gradually decrease your dependency, we may utilize medically supervised detox.  At times, detox is necessary to help curb painful withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings that could cause a risk to recovery. Not all patients will need a detoxification for their suboxone addiction, but this is something we will discuss during your clinical evaluation as we create your Suboxone addiction treatment plan.

At our suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee, we treat Suboxone addiction on an outpatient basis. Despite some perceptions, outpatient suboxone rehab can be successful. A residential stay is not necessary for all patients seeking Nashville Tennessee suboxone addiction rehab center. If the clinical evaluation determines that a residential setting is more clinically appropriate for the acuity of the patient, we have a number of residential facilities in the JourneyPure network that we can get a direct transfer of care to.

When entering an intensive outpatient clinic for suboxone addiction there will be an intensive number of therapeutic hours as the name suggests. The number of hours will vary and the types of treatment modalities will vary as well. Most patients can expect some combination of family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy and experiential therapy when they come to one of our Nashville Suboxone rehab programs.

Type Of Therapies Used At JourneyPure’s Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

Along with weaning you off suboxone, we also want you to understand the emotions, trauma, and motivating factors behind your addiction. To help get to the core of why a patient is abusing drugs, our patients are provided with several different types of therapy—all facilitated by licensed therapists who specialize in treating drug addiction.

In individual therapy, you will personally work one-on-one with a therapist who is experienced with suboxone addiction. You’ll meet privately and simply talk to begin your healing process. You’ll identify potential challenge on your road to recovery, work to overcome those challenges, and learn healthy coping skills to assist you in reaching your long-term recovery goals. Trauma-informed care is oftentimes an important part of treating suboxone addiction, and our therapists will work to uncover and heal any traumas that may be playing a role.

Group sessions are where relationship healing often happens. With a JourneyPure Nashville therapist leading and facilitating, you and a group of recovery peers facing challenges similar to yourself can discuss problems, feelings, and concerns in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Group therapy helps patients gain a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, but also provides patients with a sense of contribution and worthiness because you are not just getting support from the group but also giving—in the form of encouragement and insight to your peers. Many of our patients build lasting friendships with fellow alumni in their group.

Experiential therapies take place in the way of hands-on activities. Yoga, art, and music therapies are some of the more common group activities our patients will participate in. Learning different art activities oftentimes lifts patients moods,  provides a self-confidence boost, and teaches them something they can go home and recreate with family and friends.

Alumni and Aftercare Programs At Our Nashville Tennessee Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center 

Graduating our suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee is a great achievement and is definitely something to be proud of, but it does not mean that you are fully recovered from your suboxone addiction. JourneyPure Nashville provides all of our patients with an after-care addiction treatment plan before it’s time to transition to a stepped down a therapeutic level. Even after you leave our Nashville Tennessee suboxone addiction rehab center, we work to be a part of your recovery. There are several alumni events where you can continue to find group support from patients in recovery like yourself and we also assign our patients a peer recovery coach. Your recovery coach will help to hold you accountable to working a program outside of therapy. We also encourage patients to stay accountable through our JourneyPure coaching recovery app. Here patients can log activities that are important to their recovery, find nutritious recipes and interact with their recovery coach.

Get Professional Help At JourneyPure’s Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center In Nashville Tennessee

Call our suboxone addiction rehab center in Nashville Tennessee today if you are ready to get comprehensive, compassionate, discreet addiction treatment that fits your lifestyle and can help you beat your suboxone addiction once and for all. We are here to help.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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