Eating Disorder Treatment in Nashville

Eating Disorder Treatment in Nashville Tennessee

Eating disorders are a serious health issue that affect both the mental and physical well-being of an individual. These disorders impact people from all backgrounds regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Studies show that nearly 20 million American women, and 10 million men, will meet criteria for disordered eating in their lifetime. If left untreated, these behaviors can result in medical complications that can be life-threatening. The exact cause of eating disorders is unknown; however, we do know that environmental influences, genetic predisposition, and overall mental health play a role in making someone more vulnerable to this disease. For some people, a preoccupation with food is a way to feel control over some aspects of their life. For others, it is a result of low self-esteem and/or poor body image.

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Anorexia Treatment in Nashville

Anorexia Nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder. It is described as someone who suffers from a fear of gaining weight, and a fixation to be thin. Those struggling with this eating disorder are typically suffering from an extremely low body weight relative to their height and body type, but feel they appear much larger than they are. They have a distorted sense of reality, and how others view them.

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Bulimia Treatment in Nashville

Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purging or vomiting. Binge eating describes eating a large amount of food in a short amount of time. If you or someone you know suffer from this condition, do not wait, call our bulimia treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how the professionals here at JourneyPure can help you begin your journey to a new life.

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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in Nashville

Binge eating disorder is characterized by repeated episodes of uncontrolled binge eating, followed by episodes of severe shame and guilt. Like other eating disorders it is more common in women than men, however, it is the most common eating disorder in men and the most common in the United States.

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Compulsive Overeating Treatment in Nashville

Compulsive eating disorder is described as demonstrating a lack of control around food. Individuals suffering from compulsive eating disorder will consume large quantities of food or binge, even when they may not be hungry.

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Food Addiction Treatment in Nashville

Food addiction is a disorder characterized by one’s preoccupation and obsession with food. Food addicts derive pleasure from all aspects of food consumption.

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Body Dysmorphia Treatment in Nashville

Body dysmorphia is a condition where a person can not stop obsessing about perceived flaws in their appearance. This can include displeasure with their weight, but also seemingly insignificant issues, like the size and shape of their nose. If you or someone you know suffer from this condition contact our body dysmorphia treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how we can help you begin your journey to a new life.

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Orthorexia Treatment in Nashville

Orthorexia is the term used to describe an individual who displays obsessive behaviors in pursuit of a healthy diet. Unlike anorexia, the individual is not so obsessed with weight loss or body image but solely concerned with achieving what they deem to be the perfect diet. If you or someone you know suffer from this condition, do not hesitate, call our orthorexia treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how the professionals here at JourneyPure can help.

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Laxative Abuse Treatment in Nashville

Laxative abuse is described as the repeated overuse of laxative medication, with the intention of ridding the body of food, and calories (purging). Laxatives are used after eating binges because the user is misguided in thinking this process will aid in weight loss.

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More About Eating Disorders

Unfortunately there is judgment and stigma attached to eating disorders. Some believe it to be a lifestyle choice, or attention seeking behavior, but this is simply not the case. Family members or friends may seek to assign blame to the person suffering, or their perceived influences, but this is not productive either. Eating disorders are serious emotional and physical illnesses that must be taken seriously, and be treated.

Women in their teens and early twenties are especially vulnerable. It is at this age that they become more concerned with their appearance and how it affects them socially. They feel pressure to look a certain way,and associate success and happiness to achieving an ideal body image.

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