Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in Nashville

The health risks of binge eating disorder are most commonly those associated with being obese. Unlike bulimia or laxative users, binge eaters do not employ compensatory methods, (like throwing up after a binge). If you or someone you know struggling with this form of an eating disorder, contact our binge eating disorder treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how we can help you begin your treatment.

Recover From a Binge Eating Disorder Today

What Are Indicators of Binge Eating Disorder?

Some binge eaters will only do so in private, making their behavior less obvious to observe and recognize. Some signs to look for are:

  • Eating much more quickly than normal
  • Eating until unreasonably and uncomfortably full
  • Eating large quantities without feeling hunger
  • Eating alone due to feelings of embarrassment and shame
  • Feelings of guilt or disgust with oneself
  • A lack of sense of control while binging

Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms

  • Evidence of binge eating, including the disappearance of large amounts of food in short periods of time or lots of empty wrappers and containers indicating consumption of large amounts of food.
  • Any new practice with food or fad diets, following trends, like keto, paleo or veganism
  • Concerned with eating in public or with others
  • Steals or hoards food
  • Life schedule revolves around binge sessions
  • Withdraws from people and activities once enjoyed
  • Frequently diets
  • Shows fixation with body weight and appearance
  • Appears self-absorbed, looking in mirrors scrutinizing themselves
  • judgmental with themselves
  • Has secret recurring episodes of binge eating
  • feels lack of control over the ability to stop eating
  • Does not conform to normal eating behaviors, eating at odd times, skipping meals
  • Developing food rituals, avoiding some foods, eating others repetitiously, chewing for a prolonged time
  • Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food being eaten
  • Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after overeating
  • Increase in weight, or yoyo-ing
  • Feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth
  • Overspending on clothes and cosmetics to make themselves feel better


  • Noticeable fluctuations in weight
  • Stomach cramps, other non-specific gastrointestinal complaints (constipation, acid reflux, etc.)
  • Inability to focus

The effects of binge eating disorder stress both the mind and body.  Our culture is obsessed with appearance, and the weight stigma that is associated with binge eating, severely impact the individual’s mental health.

What Causes Binge-Eating Disorder

We don’t know for certain the root cause of binge eating disorder, and the reason is certainly not the same for everyone. Contributing factors include:

  • Genetics – family history of the disorder in close relatives increases the likelihood of developing binge eating disorder
  • Dieting or food deprivation can cause someone to binge
  • Trauma, abuse or bullying
  • Age is a factor, it often develops in late teens and early twenties when social pressures are at their height
  • Emotional issues, or mood disorders like depression, poor self-esteem and/or self-image
  • A history of previous binge eating

What Is Binge Eating Disorder Treatment In Nashville, TN?

Here at JourneyPure’s binge eating disorder treatment in Nashville, TN, we offer both partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and Intensive outpatient programming. During this treatment, we employ many modalities of therapy.  We seek to heal the cause of the impulse and subsequently relieve the patient of their need to binge. Our binge eating disorder treatment in Nashville offers comprehensive treatment options that best fit all of your needs. What you can expect when you come to treatment:

  • Behavioral therapy- like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Nutritional education- this involves developing a healthy relationship with food, practicing mindful eating,  meal planning, and strategies on how to be successful with eating in the home setting.
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Process groups
  • Investigating family dynamics
  • Learning to set healthy boundaries
  • Spirituality- individuals are encouraged to explore their own spirituality
  • Yoga- Yoga provides low impact movement and body awareness, developing a sense of respect and love for oneself.
  • Experiential eating- this may involve learning to make good choices in a restaurant or shopping at a grocery store

Aftercare Plans For Binge Eating Disorder Recovery

Recovery Maintenance group offers an opportunity for individuals to develop skills maintaining emotional regulation and balance in situations they encounter outside of the safety of the treatment. Group leaders help clients to recognize triggers and areas of trouble, they offer guidance, support, and accountability. Recovery maintenance is an ideal way for a patient to receive continued care during and after the completion of their binge eating disorder treatment in Nashville, Tennessee.

Get Professional Help At Our Binge Eating Disorder Treatment In Nashville, Tennessee

Binge eating is a destructive behavior that takes a toll on not only a person’s emotional well being but their physical one as well. It is our feeling at JourneyPure’s binge eating disorder treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, that binge eating disorder is very treatable, and has a high rate of success among other eating disorders. So the decision to seek out treatment is a critical one.  It is our hope here at our binge eating disorder treatment program to reshape one’s relationship with eating into a healthier one, so that they may enjoy long-term, healthy, recovery.

So do not hesitate, if you are struggling with this form of an eating disorder, reach out to our binge eating disorder treatment In Nashville, TN today and learn how we can help you begin taking the steps towards a new life!