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Orthorexia is the term used to describe an individual who displays obsessive behaviors in pursuit of a healthy diet. Unlike anorexia, the individual is not so obsessed with weight loss or body image but solely concerned with achieving what they deem to be the perfect diet. If you or someone you know suffer from this condition, do not hesitate, call our orthorexia treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today and learn how the professionals here at JourneyPure can help.

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They seek to have complete control of the types of food they are consuming (and what is in it). Someone with orthorexia will fixate on foods they deem, clean and healthy, and avoid other foods altogether. Foods an orthorexic may avoid:

  • Processed foods
  • Animals products, meat or dairy
  • Artificial dyes, additives, preservatives
  • GMOs
  • Pesticides
  • Fat, butter, oil, salt
  • Any food they deem “unhealthy”

What Are The Signs of Orthorexia?

The signs of orthorexia can be subtle, and difficult to identify. Common behavior changes, or characteristics of someone with orthorexia:

  • Very little variation in diet- may only eat the same 5-10 foods obsessively or in rotation
  • Claims to have food allergies, or reactions, without medical confirmation
  • Consumes an abnormal amount of herbal supplements, vitamins
  • Possesses heightened awareness and/or concern with how food is prepared

Individuals with orthorexia will find that their behaviors around food cause them to be isolated, which can lead to depression or anxiety. Everyday activities become a challenge because of their distorted belief system surrounding food. Their world can become very small.

Behaviors Associated With Orthorexia

  • Abstaining from eating food prepared by others
  • Concern for eating outside of the home
  • Judgemental feelings toward others who don’t comply with their healthy eating ideals
  • Strong sense of order and control when meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Mood disorders like depression, anxiety
  • Sense of shame and failure, when they deviate from their “dieting ideals”
  • Increased sense of self and elation felt when “ideal diet”  or eating healthy is adhered to
  • Obsessive advanced planning of meals and meal preparation

Orthorexia is a serious eating disorder that has both emotional and physical outcomes, so if you suffer from this condition, do not wait, call our orthorexia treatment in Nashville, TN today. The individual’s eating fixation may cause them to be withdrawn, and their judgment or opinions of others eating habits may strain relationships. Their inflated sense of self, or superiority can be off-putting for family and loved ones, adding to their isolation. Orthorexic eating can become so restrictive, they begin to display symptoms that look like anorexia, as their body wastes away from lack of proper nutrition and caloric intake.

What Is Orthorexia Treatment In Nashville?

Like other eating disorders, orthorexics seek to find control, and make sense of their emotions, through their relationship with food (or how they control its role in their lives).  These issues go much deeper than just their diet. It can also cause major physical damage, so it is imperative that we treat both the psychological and physical issues with various therapies. Whether you participate in our partial hospitalization program or outpatient program, you can expect the following therapies:

  • Yoga- Yoga seeks to connect one with their breathing, and their body, reconnecting, and reintroducing patients to the beauty and capabilities of their own body.
  • Spirituality- Patients are encouraged to explore their own spirituality, how they interpret it,  and what that means to them
  • Art therapy- An individual has an opportunity to express themselves through art and creativity.  This can be a meaningful outlet for one’s emotions, both positive and negative.
  • Meal Process- Mindful eating is practiced in a safe supportive setting. Patients learn to hear messages from their bodies about hunger, enjoyment, and fullness. Meal process groups are designed to help individuals manage and quiet the specific symptoms they experience by exploring the relationship between emotions and food.
  • Nutrition- nutrition education is an important part of relearning healthy eating and nourishment. Our certified nutritionists, coach patients on how to plan meals, and prepare foods that will help them once they have moved on from treatment.
  • Boundaries- Healthy boundaries are critical for continued recovery. All of our patients at our Orthorexia Treatment In Nashville Tennessee play important roles in their lives, however, fulfilling those roles are secondary to fulfilling their own needs and act for their own satisfaction
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- CBT helps to improve negative self-talk, and a preconceived idea that patients may have about themselves, regardless of how unfounded they are
  • Experiential Nutrition- Patients will get an opportunity for a practical application of their learned and developing skills.  Choosing meals from a restaurant menu, or shopping for groceries.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy- DBT helps people to learn to regulate emotion, and tolerate distressing feelings.  It teaches alternate solutions to react in situations rather than effectively responding, thus improving relationships, boundaries and managing the effects of being triggered.
  • Recovery Maintenance- Recovery Maintenance group offers an opportunity for clients to practice skills around maintaining emotional regulation and balance in situations outside the program. It is important for the patient to learn skills while still in treatment, that can easily, or readily be applied when they return to regular life.

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We feel confident at our orthorexia treatment in Nashville, TN, that we can help you navigate a path to recovery from orthorexia, with the right blend and application of treatment strategies, it is our hope that your quality of life vastly improves.

So if you or someone you know suffer from this condition, do not hesitate, contact our orthorexia treatment in Nashville, TNtoday and learn how we can help you begin your treatment.