Our Addiction Treatment Programs in Nashville

If you are seeking treatment in Nashville, you are embarking on a brave journey of healing and self-discovery. Too often substance abuse and other mental health issues, take us away from our lives, the things we enjoy and the people we love. This journey can seem overwhelming and even impossible for some. However, allowing us here at JourneyPure Nashville, to join you on your journey, we feel confident that we can ease your suffering, and provide you with the tools and support needed to be successful in your recovery. There is a tremendous amount of shame and stigma experienced when you realize that you or your loved one needs treatment, and we face many questions; How did I get to this point? Why can’t I stop on my own? I wasn’t raised this way, how did this happen to me? How do I get out of this mess?

Addiction Treatment in Nashville

At JourneyPure, we acknowledge and understand the bewilderment one experiences when they arrive at the impasse or “bottom” that causes them to seek treatment. It is our goal to ease the shame, and lessen the issues that would prevent someone from entering, and engaging in treatment. We recognize that many factors contribute to an individual’s struggles with substance abuse and mental health. It is our hope to educate the individuals and their families, to lessen the shame, and the blame. It is very difficult, if not impossible to “fix” your life while struggling to live it, as it is in active addiction or illness.

Our environment, the people around us, and our habits are all contributors, willing or unwilling, to the state that we find ourselves in active addiction. Removing ourselves from these “people, places and things”, and entering into inpatient care here in Nashville, can be a giant step in the right direction, allowing us to establish and effect change and healing without the toxic outside influences. Long term sobriety requires “buy-in” from the individual that is struggling. They need an opportunity to see that life is better when you are free from your vices. This will be difficult for them to see, or believe in the beginning. Being without their existing (unhealthy) coping mechanisms will leave them feeling raw and exposed. Our therapists will assist in this, gradual coming to terms of emotion. It will be overwhelming and painful, but worth every moment, and effort.

Why Choose Treatment JourneyPure

JourneyPure recognizes that each individual is unique in their experiences and their disease. Our team seeks to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan that addresses all of their personal needs. People will thrive and grow in different settings, so it is critical that this assessment and plan be ongoing, and ever-evolving, so that the patients are consistently supported, and engaged in their own treatment. The patients’ needs may change, as they begin to heal and grow, or perhaps be adversely affected by the realizations of their reality. Patients may need different treatments, at different times and milestones of their recovery, and we feel prepared to provide that. We offer a diverse array of treatment modalities, exposing each individual to what they are emotionally, and physically prepared, and well suited for.

The JourneyPure Difference

It may take some time, but as the patient becomes more comfortable in their surroundings, and with the people in the center and their new routine, they will begin to see how they directly benefit from the treatment experience. Inpatient treatment offers a patient time to relearn “life” and establish their new normal. Simple tasks like, eating, sleeping, learning, sharing, exercising, meditating and routine, cannot be undervalued or discounted. They are a valuable exercise in feeling what it is like to be human again. It is through this repetition and practice that an individual who was once in such pain, discomfort, and distress, will find growth, trust, and comfort. One small accomplishment will result in building self-esteem which then, in turn, allows for yet another accomplishment. These accomplishments are celebrated at JourneyPure, and the failures dealt with. The setbacks are shown to be a part of progress, and mastery. The concept of “progress, not perfection” is introduced.
The solid foundation one builds with time and practice in treatment, is their best defense against relapse when they return to the outside world. The safe, trustworthy, space that treatment provides, allows for learning, and growth. It provides the necessary strength and resilience needed for long term sobriety and success. It saves lives.