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Our evidence-based addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee is backed by medical evidence, and based off of these numerous studies. When offering treatment to patients at JourneyPure we want to be assured that the treatment is grounded in fact and results.

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    What Is The Medical or Disease Model Of Addiction?

    Here at JourneyPure’s evidence-based addiction treatment, we firmly subscribe to the medical or disease model of addiction. Understanding that there is a variety of contributing factors that can result in an individual’s struggles with addiction. We know that genetic predisposition can play a part in one’s arrival at addiction, however, it is not necessarily a given outcome.  Sociological, biological, psychological, genetic and environmental factors all contribute. The study of genetics demonstrates that an individual who is genetically predisposed to addiction may experience a heightened response to drugs or alcohol, increasing the frequency in which they engage in that behavior. Frequent exposure further strengthens the dependence by suppressing the area of the brain needed to show restraint and good decision making, even when experiencing negative consequences. This can also be shown in individuals who do not possess the genetic predisposition. The part of the brain that is the reward center will cease to function properly, so the addict continues their negative behavior until death, insanity or sobriety. This aligns with the definition of “disease”, in that someone is experiencing a condition that causes them pain and suffering.

    According to a study from the New England journal of medicine, there are three primary symptoms associated with addiction in the disease model;

    1. Desensitization, or malfunction of the reward sensors to the brain
    2. Increased conditioned responses to the substance the individual has become dependent on
    3. Reduced function of brain regions that facilitate decision making and self-regulation

    Under the disease model, addiction is viewed as a permanent illness, and irreversible, with the only effective treatment being abstinence. Not only from the substance the individual is specifically addicted to, but all mood-altering substances, as the outcome will eventually be the same.

    What To Expect At Our Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment In Nashville

    Long-term recovery for the addicted individual means total abstinence from the addictive substance.  It is recommended they also abstain from all addicting substances.

    In order to be successful the individual may:

    • Enter an inpatient treatment program, like JourneyPure in Nashville
    • Enter an intensive outpatient program or IOP (also recommended for those leaving residential treatment)
    • Attend 12 step support groups
    • Participate in individual, family and/or group therapy

    There are a variety of recommendations for individuals who want to achieve sobriety that we make. Most will need outside help. 30 day (or longer) Inpatient programs like ours here in Nashville, are highly recommended. It is very unrealistic to expect someone to “fix” their lives, while they are busy living that life. Inpatient care allows the individual time away from the stressors and triggers of their lives and brings them back to the basics.  Sleep, nutrition, therapy, and self-care begin to take on a normal state with new, desirable habits being formed, and old ones are forgotten. After detox, the patient is at their most vulnerable, feeling emotions they had sought to suppress for the first time since addiction overwhelmed them. Group and individual therapy are critical during this time so that the individual can navigate their emotions in a safe and secure setting. Once 12 step meetings have become part of their day, they learn how to share appropriately, and participate in adherence to the group principles and guidelines. This gives them confidence and an improved sense of self. Structure and serenity begin to form, where chaos and turmoil once resided.

    Benefits Of Our Nashville, TN Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

    Our Nashville, TN evidence-based addiction treatment keeps the individual connected to a recovery program while continuing to function in the outside world. They can expect to participate in groups with others who have chosen this type of treatment, and continue with other modalities, like behavioral therapy (CBT and DBT skills), family and individual therapy.

    It is recommended that all patients seek 12 step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  These programs provide peer support, social interactions, and a sponsorship model that has proven to be quite successful. These shared experiences give individual confidence, support, and accountability. This positive peer environment allows for shared successes and failures, giving the individual a place to go on a regular basis, in addition to when times get tough.

    Abstinence can be a daunting concept to most, as the thought of never using something that one used with such frequency and fervor before, can seem unrealistic and unattainable. We have all heard the saying one day at a time, and for some patients it will be like that in the beginning, even feeling like they can manage only one hour at a time, or one minute.  Through JourneyPure’s evidence-based addiction treatment, they learn a better way, they find joy in the things they used to do, they reconnect with families, and friends. They repair their lives and themselves.

    The critical component to our evidence-based addiction treatment is that the addict or alcoholic realizes that they can live a happy, complete life without using and abusing substances, here at our Nashville evidence-based addiction treatment, we hope to help you achieve just that.

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    There is no other way to get sober and stay that way without reaching out for professional help. If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, and you are ready to put your addiction aside once and for all, consider obtaining evidence-based addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee today.

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