Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a category, rather than one specific type of therapy. It allows the individual to engage in an activity which provides a therapeutic experience rather than focusing on therapy itself. This can include yoga, recreational therapy, art, or music. You can gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional process, inner thoughts, feelings and interactions with others. At JourneyPure’s experiential therapy in Nashville, your therapist will focus on your awareness and perceptions of what you are processing through these experiences, and help you explore the true meaning of your emotions.

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    What Is Experiential Therapy?

    Experiential therapy is identified as a therapeutic technique that uses expressive tools and activities. Creative modalities, in many artistic forms, like drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting can all aid in the therapeutic experience. Re-enacting, role-playing, using props or storytelling can all aid in re-experiencing emotional situations from past and recent relationships or experiences create a beneficial healing component. The individual is focused on the activities, and it is through the experience, that they begin to identify emotions associated with success, disappointment, responsibility, and self-esteem. Under the guidance of a trained experiential therapist, here at JourneyPure, the individual can start to release and explore negative feelings of anger, hurt, or shame as they relate to past experiences that may have been blocked, or are still deeply felt. JourneyPure’s Nashville experiential therapy is used in the treatment of trauma, behavior disorders, anger management, grief, substance abuse, and various types of physical and behavioral addictions.

    How Do I Know If Experiential Therapy Is Right For Me or My Loved One?

    • If you desire to be free of painful memories or experiences
    • You wish to change the nature of your current and future relationships
    • You struggle to identify the source of your pain or trauma
    • You struggle with substance abuse or other mental health disorders
    • You have difficulties changing your behaviors or perspectives
    • You have difficulty relating to people
    • You have trust issues

    Since our experiential therapy in Nashville, Tennessee is not necessarily one specific form of treatment, you may find yourself participating in different types of experiential activities, in addition to individual therapy and group therapy. During participation in these experiences here at JourneyPure, the therapist will offer guidance and can conduct discussions while the individual is engaged in the activity, or wait until a private counseling session to provide the relevant feedback. Regardless of the activity, or form of treatment, the common idea is that they have focused on the activity and not the therapy. The platform of JourneyPure’s experiential therapy is that one’s perception determines one’s behavior. By re-experiencing and releasing repressed negative emotions from the past, the individual has access to more positive emotions, like love, trust, forgiveness, and empathy, and thus changes their perception of reality.

    What Are The Benefits Of JourneyPure’s  Experiential Therapy?

    Individuals participating in our experiential therapy in Nashville, TN,  are engaged in the activity or process, allowing them to be more authentic, and let their guard down. They will benefit immensely as they see a change in perspective, emotional growth, and personal empowerment and ownership.

    What Can I Expect During Experiential Therapy?

    The practical application of an experiential addiction therapy program can take a variety of form and is unique to each individual’s preferences for certain therapies.

    • Yoga
    • Movement Therapy
    • Painting, drawing, sculpture
    • Building, designing, decorating
    • Acting, role play, reenactment
    • Music therapy

    Here in Nashville, experiential therapies broaden the range of therapies that can be used in the treatment of substance abuse, mental health disorders and other behavioral issues.  It seeks to provide intervention, activity, and stimulation to one participating in a treatment process. Engaging in experiential therapies allows the individual to participate in something that resembles more of an enjoyable activity than therapy.  These interventions/activities should be directed by the therapist, and the patient’s preferences (or aversions, especially if it is unsafe to them) so that they can enjoy their experience, and let go of any preconceived ideas or issues. The experience should allow the patient to be themselves, giving the therapist an unobscured view of the individual in their disarmed, relaxed, state. This is an opportunity for the therapist to make observations of emotions and behaviors, they may choose to initiate a dialogue during the intervention, or afterward in a therapy session.

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    It is our hope at JourneyPure’s experiential therapy in Nashville, Tennessee that during this time the individual is oblivious to the assessment, and is rather, reaping the benefits of the activity that they are engaging in, with little to no thought of its therapeutic benefits. It is also our hope, that there will be a component of fun and enjoyment with this therapy.