Family Therapy

It has been said that addiction is a family disease, and this statement could not be truer. Families suffer, and the individuals suffer, no one suffers more or less, and the common denominator is pain. Here at JourneyPure's family addiction therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, we understand that it is rare that an individual struggling with addiction, has an ideal family construct.

Treatment for the Whole Family

    Perhaps the family is overly loving and involved, enabling and perpetuating the disease, with their financial and emotional support. Perhaps there is no family support to speak of, or what little there is, it is toxic and volatile.  Families, are complicated living, breathing creatures, that need treatment and care, just as the addict themselves do.

    What Is Family Addiction Therapy?

    Our family addiction therapy in Nashville, Tennessee is a type of counseling that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. It specifically focuses on solving severe issues that prevent a family from functioning in a normal and healthy way. In this setting, it is to help to provide a patient with a happier, more stable home life, so that they have a better chance at long-term recovery.

    How Does JourneyPure’s Family Addiction Therapy Work?

    Here at our Nashville family addiction therapy program, this form of therapy is used to help treat an individual’s problem that has a ripple effect on the entire family, such as an addiction, or mental health disorder. It seeks to explore the root of broken relationships and trust. At JourneyPure, we find this type of therapy can also be useful for addressing family-wide problems such as conflicts between siblings, spouses, or parents and children.

    What You Can Expect In Family Addiction Therapy In Nashville, TN

    • Inclusion, and participation of all family members involved, who are willing to participate.
    • Fair and equal treatment of all family members, as facilitated by the therapist.  Meaning, everyone has an opportunity to share, and be heard.
    • Behavioral therapies, like CBT or DBT skill, help individuals to manage their emotions and stress
    • Structural therapy teaches all of the individuals how to appropriately assume their family role (parent, child etc.) and set boundaries accordingly.
    • Homework strategies, (as provided by the therapist), to utilize in the home, that positively changes the way the family members interact.
    • Progress reporting, or letting the therapist know how things are progressing in the home, or within the family structure.

    How Do I Know Family Addiction Therapy Is Right For My Family?

    • If you struggle with addiction
    • If your family system is broken for any reason
    • If you have unresolved trauma
    • If you wish to attain long-term sobriety
    • If the recovering individual is having their treatment or therapy undermined or unsupported (by family)
    • If the patient wishes to return home to the place they were active in their addiction, after treatment

    What Are The Benefits Of Our Family Addiction Therapy Program?

    • Improved communication among family members
    • Renewed trust, where it has otherwise been broken
    • Better understanding and empathy towards one another
    • A shared healing experience
    • Less conflict, anger, and resentment
    • Reintroduces or reengages estranged family member
    • Builds a “team” component to the individual’s recovery
    • Heals old wounds
    • Brings forgiveness and acceptance

    Our families shape who we are, both positively and negatively. They are our tribe and influence how we live our lives.  Our language, customs, and world outlook all stem from our family relationships and dynamics. The individual’s issues do not exist in a vacuum, the entire family feels the pain, shame, anger, and sadness that all occurs while watching a loved one in the throes of addiction. A family that continues to struggle and experience turmoil, will put the patient at a higher risk of relapse. When the family works together at our family addiction therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, to heal, to repair trust and relationships, it gives the individual a solid platform on which to build their long-term success.

    Get Help Today With Our Family Addiction Therapy In Nashville, Tennessee

    However, our Nashville family addiction therapy program can help you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. You do not need to accept this way of life, nor do you need to sacrifice your own wellbeing in an effort to do so. By reaching out for help, even if your loved one does not want to participate, you and your family can begin functioning in ways that preserve your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

    Do not wait. Contact us right now to get involved in our family addiction therapy program!