Holistic Treatment

We understand the importance of considering all avenues of wellness, and respect that each needs its own attention to detail so that the person can feel like a “whole”, well, person at completion. When people are strong in mind, as well as body, they are in a better position to fight against the diseases and challenges that are plaguing them, like addiction and mood disorders. People at our holistic addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee, who are open to participating in treatment can look forward to benefits in all areas of their well-being.

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    Holistic Addiction Treatment In Nashville, Tennessee

    Here at JourneyPure’s Nashville holistic addiction treatment program, we want to see our patients heal, and grow, as fully functioning, productive, well rounded, individuals.  It is because of this that we have developed our own brand of holistic addiction treatment so that the individual’s body and mind can be healed and strengthened.  There is an emphasis placed on routine, nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, and spiritual growth in this treatment protocol. All individually are important, however, the cumulative improvement of all of these things gives and individual respect for themselves and their future.

    How Does JourneyPure’s Nashville Holistic Addiction Treatment In Work?

    Here at our Nashville holistic addiction treatment, practitioners, and patients of ours believe that you cannot heal one area of the mind and body without positively influencing another, just as destruction or abuse of one area has adverse effects on others. Building strength physically, while ensuring the body has sufficient time to rest, and proper nutrition addresses the physical component. While individual and group therapy, meditation and prayer heal spiritual deficits.  Healing the mind body and spirit, ensures a better chance of healing as a whole person, making you more resilient to disease or distress in the future.

    Holistic Addiction Treatment In Nashville Tennessee can include:

    • Breathwork, individual and guided meditation/Yoga
    • Behavioral therapies like dialectic and cognitive therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Nutritional education
    • Physical therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Exercise
    • Neurofeedback therapy
    • Spiritual therapies
    • Experiential therapies
    • Relationship therapy
    • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)

    How Do I Know If Holistic Addiction Treatment Is Right For Me?

    • If you struggle with addiction or mental health issues
    • If you lack the knowledge or the ability to self-care
    • If you are managing one area of your life but not others
    • If you have medical issues stemming from lack of self-care, like high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity
    • If you struggle with a poor sense of “self” and have self-worth issues
    • If you struggle to stay clean and sober
    • If you lack direction on how to improve your quality of life
    • If you have a hard time finding meaning and purpose in your life
    • If you have a lack of physical energy and drive
    • If you maintain a poor diet
    • If you have withdrawn from social interactions and relationships

    The Benefits Of Our Holistic Program

    • They have a better chance at maintaining sobriety
    • They enjoy better physical conditioning and strength
    • They have more energy and confidence
    • They have a better understanding of what it means to be well as a whole person and can take steps to address a deficiency
    • They learn how to “feed” themselves both physically and spiritually
    • They recognize the benefits of routine and perseverance for the betterment of their overall health
    • They improve social interactions and personal relationships through shared experiences and practices like yoga classes, gym memberships, and meditation groups.
    • They have the ability to explore a range of options to improve themselves both physically and mentally

    Get Help Today Through Our Holistic Addiction Treatment In Nashville

    JourneyPure’s holistic addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee is for anyone needing balance in life. Some of our Nashville patients may already possess some of these elements.  They belong to a church, they work out, or cook for themselves and their families, but suffer in other areas. This has them feeling incomplete or empty. This person needs help to fix the other pieces, that make the whole puzzle.  On the other end of the spectrum, we will work with patients who suffer from deficiencies in the extreme. From the addict who ceases to use to the alcoholic, to someone who has been ravaged by a mood disorder. These patients need larger pieces repaired, or new ones put in place. The individual’s relationship with their body and mind is one worth repairing and maintaining.  This therapy seeks to benefit any individual who seeks to practice balance and wellness.

    So, do not be hesitant in contacting us right now. Learn more about our holistic addiction treatment and the many other ways in which we can help you, and let us guide you towards getting into a treatment program. Doing so can save your life.

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