Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is critical in addressing the specific needs of each patient’s path to recovery. The therapists at JourneyPure’s individual addiction therapy in Nashville, Tennessee has every opportunity to learn about their patient, to hear their history, family makeup, traumas, relationships and all other details that make up a person’s personal, unique, story. It is through this shared information and the trust that is developed, that therapy can have the most impact.

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    Individual Addiction Therapy In Nashville

    Individual therapy can be intimidating, and even overwhelming at the start. It is because of this that the therapist uses their training and discretion to construct the best road map for treatment, that allows the patient to feel safe and valued. Our hope here in Nashville is that they become comfortable enough to share what is most difficult for them. It is through this process that some of the most subtle, or seemingly unimportant details become known, and the most effective avenue of treatment can begin. It is difficult for a person to be able to pinpoint exactly what is troubling them, or to what extent, so it is up to the therapist to guide them through these experiences, and paint a picture for the patient of how that experience may have impacted them, or shaped their decision making.

    Trauma is also addressed through one on one counseling. It is a documented fact that trauma is the root cause of many people’s addiction issues, and trauma looks different for everyone.  This can include childhood neglect, sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Spousal neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Or trauma stemming from a specific incident or tragic event. There may be things that occurred in your past that you have suppressed, or perhaps given little thought to, that your therapist finds to have been damaging to your psyche. Once this information has been shared, the staff at JourneyPure is able to provide immediate input and comfort.  Validating the patient’s experiences and letting them know that there is no shame in sharing is critical, as is letting them know that their feelings are heard, and understood. They can also give coaching and advice in real-time, giving the individual feedback as needed, and as is appropriate.

    How Does An Individual Addiction Therapy Program Work?

    Our individual addiction therapy in Nashville allows for uninterrupted and unobscured communication between therapist and patient, allowing the therapist to uncover the root causes of an individual’s addiction.  Much can be learned through this private interaction. The therapist has many modalities and behavioral treatments at their disposal should they deem appropriate, and can create a treatment plan specific to the needs of the individual. The private setting allows for trust and support, giving the patient the time, and the audience to disclose difficult information.

    How Do I Know If Individual Addiction Therapy Is Right For Me or My Loved One?

    • You have suffered trauma
    • You have a substance abuse problem
    • You have difficulty sharing your experiences and feelings
    • You suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders
    • You struggle with other addictions like sex, or gambling

    What You Can Expect During An Individual Addiction Therapy Program

    • Exploration and application of behavioral therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy
    • Working through trauma, abuse, and neglect
    • Short-term goals and strategies
    • Long-term goals and strategies
    • A developed plan for long-term sobriety
    • Committing to making a contribution in therapy so that you may help yourself, and help your therapist to understand you better

    The Benefits of Individual Therapy

    • You receive a treatment plan specific to your needs, (or the needs of your loved one)
    • You build trust and confidence, so that you may better participate in group therapies or meetings as your recovery progresses
    • You become free of your secrets, which are making you, and keeping you sick
    • You set goals and learn the tools to fulfill them
    • You devise a path to achieve long-term sobriety

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    People will continue to use drugs and alcohol as a means of dealing with their issues as long as they see no other way to cope. Treating and healing the underlying causes of the illness is the best chance that a person has of overcoming this insidious disease. At JourneyPure’s individual addiction therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, we feel individual therapy is integral to this process. It is through this one on one setting, that the patient-therapist relationship has a chance to develop and grow, and so that trust and confidence can thrive. Disclosing one’s innermost demons, demystifies our shortcomings and traumas, and allows for long-term meaningful healing to begin. Once the healing process has begun, the patient and therapist are free to work together, to forge a new plan for long-term maintenance and solutions.

    Of course, entering into a treatment program can be overwhelming and potentially even scary. And, the thought of sharing your story with someone you don’t even know can be intimidating. But, our individual addiction therapy program can help you in ways that you might have never thought possible.

    Do not wait any longer to get the help that you deserve. Get help today and call JourneyPure’s individual addiction therapy in Nashville, TN.