Meth Detox

“Meth” is a potent and highly addictive stimulant. Stimulant drugs increase heart rate, blood pressure, energy, and concentration. Methamphetamine can be used medically to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The drug may also be used together with diet and exercise in the short-term treatment of obesity under a doctor’s supervision.

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    While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Nashville campus, Journey Pure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification. 

    Methamphetamine abuse is misery for the individual, psychologically, medically, and socially. Use of the drug can cause memory loss, aggressive and psychotic behavior, damage to the cardiovascular system, malnutrition, and severe dental problems. Taking methamphetamine alters the way cells in the central nervous system communicate. As a result of this, your body must correct cell communication when you stop using the drug.  Methamphetamine use has devastated entire families and communities, causing higher levels of crime, unemployment, child neglect or abuse, and other social trauma. Abuse of this drug has also been shown to contribute to increased transmission of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse, and chronic abuse causes serious withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms for a person who is detoxifying from methamphetamine are sometimes likened to the withdrawal symptoms of crack and other stimulants.  Here at JourneyPure, we have a team of medical staff trained in effective medical detox. We believe that a meth detox center in Nashville Tennessee is the first, very big step, on your journey to recovery.

    Methamphetamine Withdrawal

    When a person stops using meth, the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal will occur. Chronic users who frequently take the drug over an extended period of time are most likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and symptoms that are more intense, making it harder to stop.

    The withdrawal symptoms of meth are traumatic and painful and can cause the addict to use again, in hopes of relieving the symptoms. Once users realize they have a problem and try to quit, their experience with withdrawal is often far more than they can bear.

    Withdrawal from meth is an agonizing process when done alone. Detoxing under medical supervision helps people avoid dangerous health complications and decreases the risk of relapse.

    Undergoing withdrawal at our meth detox center in Nashville is the safest way to remove meth from the patient’s system. Our program supports patients around-the-clock. Throughout our meth detox, our medical staff will remain close by to monitor patients’ physical health and mental well being through the process.

    Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

    The symptoms of withdrawal from meth can vary depending on the length, and intensity of the abuse (how much they use). Detox from Meth can bring co-occurring issues to the surface like anxiety and depression. Those issues will be dealt with as they present.

    Other factors, like how the addict uses the drug (smoking, snorting, intravenous), can also affect the length and intensity of withdrawal. Common symptoms include:

    • Fatigue
    • Increased appetite
    • Agitation
    • Insomnia
    • Paranoia
    • Hallucinations
    • Red, itchy eyes
    • Incoherent speech
    • Loss of motivation
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Foggy memory

    When someone struggling with Methamphetamine addiction comes to JourneyPure’s meth detox center in Nashville, they will be provided with an array of support options and medical intervention during our meth detox center in order to help them stabilize both physically and emotionally. Methamphetamine withdrawal adversely affects the individual’s psychological well being, making mental health therapies a top priority. The following methods of treatment may be offered in meth detox:

    • Individual therapy
    • Family therapy and support
    • Medical care addressing any physical issues the patient experiences
    • Medical and psychological care for co-occurring mental health issues
    • Physical exercise to promote healing and physical well being
    • Nutritional therapy, addicted patients are often malnourished and/or underweight

    Medication can also be a powerful tool to help alleviate both the emotional and physical discomfort. At our meth detox center in Nashville, Tennessee clients will not only benefit from some of these medications, but they will also be provided with specific prescription medications designed to help treat methamphetamine addiction.

    Known as medication-assisted treatment, those detoxing from meth can be prescribed approved medications developed to help decrease the pain of withdrawal symptoms and stopping powerful cravings from developing.

    We employ the use of a variety of medications, natural and nutritional therapies;

    • Anti-nausea medications
    • Antidiarrheal medications
    • Natural sleep aids
    • Nutritional support

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    After detox, patients are encouraged to continue their recovery at our inpatient rehab center here in Nashville. Our meth detox center in Nashville, TN is located within our center to help make the transition easier. Inpatient rehab centers offer the best environment for a meth detox because they provide high-quality care within a structured, safe facility. Our inpatient treatment is equipped with addiction treatment professionals and medical staff who are dedicated to improving the lives of patients seeking long-term recovery.